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Tangle Series

Started in 2008, this collection of work originated with drawings of the twisting roots of trees and forest underbrush. They explore the hand-drawn line and how it is used to contour and define a subject while at the same time examining what happens when it is physically magnified (through a much larger drawing tool,and/or digital manipulation), can be transformed into the central subject of the work itself. Zooming in on lines if you will, to closer appreciate their character, individuality, and how they are an artist’s signature both literally and figuratively. By 2012 these drawings evolved into large, bold paintings on re-purposed stage backdrops and flats, and in 2019, further expanded into digitally manipulated files carved into wood panels as low-relief paintings. This series continues to evolve through computer-aided carving machines and numerical-control tools.

1_Alex Bulzan.jpg
2_Alex Bulzan.jpg
4_Alex Bulzan.jpg
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