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Alexander Bulzan (AOCA+D), is a visual artist and designer whose career spans 40 years. His paintings and drawings have been shown and awarded nationally and internationally and are in private collections. The themes in his work examine nature, our social interaction with it, and its intrinsic part in Canadianness.


His work is rooted in a multi-cultural background; a diversity of ethnic perspectives; languages, religions, geographies, customs, music and culinary traditions. He grew up in Montreal speaking four languages fluently at home and attended L'Institut Francais Evangelique de-la-Pointe-Aux-Trembles during his formative years, eventually continuing his education in Toronto with advanced standing at OCAD, and graduating from the faculty of Communications & Design.


His bold representational and semi-abstracted images are graphically simplified symbols and archetypes, poetically revealing a subject’s imaginary inner life; exploring nature, metaphorically from within. His work has a focus on the individuality of the hand-drawn line as it reveals so much about us, unique to each of us and only us, our signature both literally and figuratively. 


He has been an advisory board member for the Faculty of Media & Communications at Seneca College, York University; Selected to exhibit his work at The International Design Show, Osaka, Japan; Awarded by the Art Director's Club of Toronto; Recipient of the juried national N3XT Biennial Award 2020, and a member of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto.

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