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Seeds Series

Simultaneously around 2011, I started working on another series of drawings that explore our proximity, relationship and appreciation for nature as Canadians through vignettes of seeds, nuts and pods that I would find walking through parks and rural fields. The works take on a portraiture-type format where the seed is always central to the composition and heroic in its temperament. Its power to sire a new tree is a glance into the divine design within living things. Microcosm vs macrocosm, and how within each lies the other. Seeds holding within them the blueprint for a life and our responsibility to conserve the delicate balance. Graphically bold, elementary, organic, and primitive in structure, with a limited colour pallet, the works use a complex visual language of concentric lines, pattern and geometric hand-drawn shapes. On close view, the pencil lines of the under drawing are on display, essential for mapping the structure and the colour of the work, while also connecting it to its organic subject matter. In 2020 these works received encouraging critical acclaim receiving a national award. They continue to evolve today.

5_Alex Bulzan.jpg
7_Alex Bulzan.jpg
8_Alex Bulzan.jpg
9_Alex Bulzan.jpg
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